Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is a major issue for ADHD.  I think in part, ADHDers can feel overwhelmed by the tasks they are facing. They also are more easily distracted by other tasks that can be more enticing to them.  Procrastination gives people an adrenaline pumping "rush" as they race to finish things at the last minute--on some level, for some, it feels good.  Wow, your child says to himself, I just got a three week project done in one night.  Never mind it was all night, never mind the project didn't have as good an outcome as it could--on some level the stress was a buzz, and it felt good to work under pressure because that was focused, fast work.   

The hardest part is getting started--and in the book we give several strategies that work.  Goals and organization are key--but learning techniques for getting started are key.   We all have things we don't want to do and we all need strategies for making ourselves do them!

And who knows, it might make you or your child rich some day!!! And he gets to wear the snazzy suits featured in the article...