Eye on the Ball

ADHDers frequently have issues with eye contact. Often an ADHDer's eyes will be darting around the room, floating as their focus changes.   When you recall them back to attention, their eyes snap to. If an ADHDer child can train himself to put his eyes on what they are paying attention to, however, that will help tell his brain what to focus on. 

Athletes also have to train their eyes.  They have to know where to look. Sometimes this is fairly automatic, but often it is a product of practice and experience. Football players, for example, are trained to look for the "tell" that will give them a clue as to where the ball will be thrown. An athlete whose eyes are wandering all over the place is an athlete who is going to miss their next shot.

Check out the three easy-to-understand strategies presented in Chapter 6 which will help your child focus his eyes!